Types of LED Lights:

  • for offices – the LED PANEL LAMP series;
  • for commercial and industrial premises, warehouses and parking lots – LED TUBE LIGHT series;
  • for production premises, warehouses, and sports house – LED HIGH BAY LIGHT series;
  • for streets, parks, and parking lots – STREET LIGHT


Panel LED lights are the universal, easy to install, and economical lamps of the new generation. The structure of the lamp and its matte glass evenly redirect the light around the office space. These lights can be installed in both new and already built office complexes. Another distinctive characteristic is that these lights are completely silent, as opposed to the traditional office lights.

The lights come in several shapes, namely round, square, and rectangular and it is easy to install them in the most popular dropped ceiling systems, such as Armstrong, AMF, or OWA.

Customers can choose from a selection of colour temperatures, which allows them to create a pleasant environment at home – one that would not form a tiring atmosphere and would fit their needs perfectly.

  • Wattage rating: from 6W to 48W.
  • Light output: from 250Lm to 3,800Lm.


These LED lights are designed to replace luminescent T5 and T8 lights in commercial and industrial premises. It is the perfect solution for warehouses and parking lots. We offer a wide assortment of models and integrated motion sensors. The Mini series (casing included) is also available for installation in furniture and showcase areas.

  • Wattage rating: from 7W to 23W.
  • Light output: from 825Lm to 2,200Lm.


These LED lights are designed for large spaces, especially for premises with high ceilings. They are typically used to light up factories, commercial spaces, warehouses, and sports halls. Distinctive attributes of these LED lights are: high luminous flux rating, great wattage, strong materials, and longevity.


  • Wattage rating: from 50W to 200W.
  • Light output: from 3,400Lm to 18,000Lm.



These LED lights are specifically designed for illuminating streets, parks, and parking lots. They are the perfect outdoor lighting solution because they are reliable, economical, and require minimum maintenance. Moreover, these LED lights are powerful, have a wide luminous flux and are properly protected from adverse weather conditions. Street lights are equipped with a high-reliability Samsung or Cree LED lamps.


  • Wattage rating: from 70W to 150W.
  • Light output: from 6,100Lm to 14,000Lm.



We also offer complex LED light design services. By assessing the premises and their architecture, we can help you to determine the optimal light solution. In addition to that, we also offer automated light solutions. If you have any questions regarding these services, do not hesitate to contact us!

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