SpectrumPro LED displays are categorised into 2 large groups: Indoor and Outdoor. The products of these two categories differ in the following properties:

  • Brightness.
  • Contrast ratio.
  • Ingress protection.
  • Power consumption.
  • Weight.
  • Maintenance type (front / rear).
  • Pixel pitch.
  • Sound levels.

When choosing an LED display, the first thing to consider is the location, i.e. Indoor and/or Outdoor and purpose, i.e. what reason will the display be used for, e.g. will it be stationary or will it have to be mobile. It is also important to consider the content that will be projected on the LED display and the format, which will determine the pixel pitch. The 10 years of experience that we possess in the field will help you find the answers to these questions.

In this section, we shall discuss the types of outdoor SpectrumPro LED displays. Since the viewing distance in an outdoor environment is bigger, outdoor display pixel pitch is also chosen accordingly. LED display pixel pitch specifications are chosen based on a simple rule – the pixel pitch has to be equal to the average viewing distance in metres. For example, if the crowd shall be watching the screen at a 20-metre distance, then the pixel pitch should to be 20mm.

Knowing the pixel pitch and the resolution of the broadcast images, it is possible to determine the optimal physical display size (e.g. if the idea is to have a P20 display to render a 720p image, then its size should be 14.4m (0.02m × 720)).

Our offered assortment of outdoor SpectrumPro LED displays ranges from P6 to P50. Apart from the pixel pitch, it is also necessary to consider the aforementioned factors, namely brightness, contrast ratio, ingress protection, and other factors. Since displays are installed outside, it is important to determine beforehand the options for mounting the displays, the possibilities for maintenance, the power supply, the display control processors, and the video signal infrastructure.

Depending on the chosen model, a remote display control and monitoring system may also be included. It allows the user to operate the display from a distance, namely to turn the display on or off, to change its settings, and to receive notifications on inoperative components. The control system allows Dot-By-Dot calibration, which adjusts and synchronises the parameters of all display pixels.

Perform calibration in the following cases:

  • every several years, if the display is used intensively;
  • each time display components are changed;
  • after changing the size of the entire display by adding or removing display modules (the colour characteristics of new displays differ from the used ones).

Specifications of outdoor SpectrumPro LED displays:

  • Pixel pitch: P6.6, P8, P8.3, P10, P16, P16.67, P20, P25, P50.
  • Technology: DIP.
  • Brightness: up to 8,000cd/m².
  • Power consumption: 900W/m² or more.
  • Refresh rate: up to 4,000Hz.
  • Maintenance: Front and Back
  • Lifespan: up to 100,000 hours.
  • Operating temperature: –30°C to +50°C.

Our outdoor SpectrumPro LED displays can also be found in the Saulės miestas shopping centre in Šiauliai, the Lazdijai City Municipality, and the Panevėžys Ekranas Football Club also have these displays.

Contact us for more information on our assortment of LED displays!

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