The renting of audio and video equipment is what drives our business forward. During the 15 years of our activity within the market, we have implemented more than 5,400 projects, which means that our equipment is at work on average every other day.

By renting out equipment to small as well as big events, we have gained a great amount of expertise in audio and video technologies. We are well aware of the possibilities and limits of LED equipment. This enables us to give professional advice to our clients on what equipment to choose and how to best implement it in order to create a spectacular event and to foresee all possible risks. Unexpected circumstances are often the case in the public and private events market and it always requires a reaction. Our experience and attention to detail allows us to quickly find the right solution in unforeseen situations.

We are currently offering the following:

  • LED displays: resolutions ranging from P4 to P80.
  • Projectors: ranging from 2,000 to 40,000 ANSI lumen.
  • Projection displays: display size ranging from 1.5 to 22.3 metres.
  • Plasma and LCD monitors: display size ranging from 40 to 100 inches.
  • Touchscreen devices: display size ranging from iPad Air to 84 inches.
  • Interactive games: PhotoMirror, Map, and other.
  • Video controller and scaler: resolution ranging from SD to 2K.
  • Video conference equipment: resolution ranging from SD to 2K.
  • Processional video cameras.
  • A/V commutation equipment.
  • Wireless A/V signal transmission equipment.
  • Equipment racks and monitor mounts.
  • Other equipment on demand.

We provide the following services:

  • Event technical A/V design.
  • A/V equipment maintenance during events.

Our company cooperates with equipment rental companies from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, which allows us to offer various solutions for big international events and to ensure their realisation. At the moment, we have implemented projects in 16 countries.

The most famous projects are:

  • Exhibitions: Frankfurt AutoShow (Germany), FITUR (Spain), World Trade Market (England), MITT (Russia), TUR (Sweden), MATKA (Finland), The Vilnius Book Fair, Baltmedica, the Studija School, Pelenė, Ką pasėsi, and Vivatur.
  • Concerts: Elton John, Sarah Brightman, SEAL, Sting, Mashina Vremeni, DJ Sasha, SEL, Jurga, Mamontovas, Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep, Vilnius Jazz, Klaipėda Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, and Nokia Plug-In.
  • Television projects: KVN (Latvia), Šok su manim, the Eurovision Song Contest, Lietuvos garbė, Išsipildymo akcija, Žvaigždžių duetai, Muzikos akademija, M-1 Mis geltonkasės rinkimai, Zodiakai švenčia, and Humoro šou Nr. 1.
  • Corporate events: Masterfoods, Swedbank, Bitė, MG Baltic, the British Council, GlaxoSmithkline, Apranga, Sanofi, Omnitel, Maxima, and Vilniaus vandenys.
  • City festivals: Capital Days, Kaunas Days, the Sea Festival, the Druskininkai Resort Festival, Šiauliai Days, the Panevėžys City Festival, the Alytus City Festival, the Kėdainiai City Festival, the Telšiai City Festival and the Marijampolė City Festival.
  • Movie festivals: Kino pavasaris, International Animated Film Festival, Kaunas International Film Festival, and Sidabrinės gervės.
  • 3D projections: Mes stiprūs, Lietuva!, 4D stebuklingos Kalėdos, the opening of VEKS, NDG LAWIN, VODKA, and the Minsk City Festival.
  • Outside cinema: Autokinas F1 and Kinas po žvaigždėmis.
  • Sporting events: Eurobasket 2011, Euro 2012 (Kaliningrad District), the European Wrestling Championship, and the Curonian Spit Regata.
  • Interactive projections and events: Manija – Naikink nuobodulį and PhotoMirror.
  • Beauty contests: Miss Lithuania and Elite Model Look.
  • Fashion shows: Piekautaitė, J. Statkevičius, and Fashion Infection.
  • Advertising banners at sporting competitions: Lithuanian Women’s Basketball League, VTB, and VICI-Aistės.
  • Diplomatic visits: W. Bush and Elizabeth II.
  • Mass events: VEKS, Dainų šventė, Gaudeamus, the Omnitel 1,000km Race, the opening ceremony of King Mindaugas Bridge, and Bitėlandas.
  • Music festivals and award shows: M.A.M.A., T.Ė.T.Ė., Satta Outside, Festivals, Visagino Country, the Pažaislis Music Festival, Devil’s Stone, Opera in Da House, Jauna muzika, and Pure Future.
  • International forums: IGF2010 and the NATO Defence Ministers gathering in Vilnius.
  • Musicals: Ugnies medžioklė su varovais, Vėjo broliai, and Žaibo gėlės.
  • National holidays: January 13th, February 16th, and July 6th.

If you are organising events and wish to make them spectacular,  contact us!

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