They say that it is better to see it once than to hear about it a thousand times. However, in the times of interactive technologies, the saying acquires a different form: it is better to try it once than to see it a thousand times.

Interactive games are one of the newest technologies that are meant to draw the attention of spectators to the entire process. The traditionally passive spectators can now become a part of the game, which not only helps them to better acquire the presented information, but to also experiences positive emotions with the players.

We can create new interactive games depending on your needs or adapt the games that we have already created: PhotoMirror, Teleportation, Map and The Magic Carpet. We can adapt these games to different occasions, premises, include the necessary trademarks or other specific attributes, so that the game is unique and never before seen.

PhotoMirror – the interactive augmented reality game, which recognises people’s movements, transforms them into virtual representations, and shows the person in the screen as if they were in a magic mirror. When a person approaches the screen, they can use hand gestures to choose and to select various attributes. For instance, players can choose a virtual neck tie to be added to their attire, to take a picture of that, and to share it with their friends via social media.

Teleportation – this is a Full HD virtual reality game, where the player is placed in a certain environment: next to the most spectacular places, cities, parks or other locations in the world. During gameplay, pictures are taken of the person, which they can immediately upload to Facebook.

Map – it is our own unique game that links together geography, history, and various world landmarks. The primary method of control is hand gestures. This game is an idea element of introductory-type projects, where the idea is to extract information in exciting ways. The presentation of information in an interactive way involves the consumer and lets them experience a lot memorable emotions.

The Magic Carpet – imagine experiencing the feeling of walking on the floor, which sprouts into a sea of grass or which turns into a realm of clouds that you can chase around and play with. The Magic Carpet game has all of this and more! This solution utilises the most advanced software platform available, which allows the implementation of various interactive projections on any surface. During the game, players are not the only ones, who experience positive emotions – spectators can also marvel at the entire sight.

If you want your story to be told in an interactive and playful way, contact us! We can help you make this a reality.

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