Watching films in an outdoor cinema under the moonlight is a rather popular form of entertainment all around the globe. Autokinas F1 was the first project in Lithuania of its kind and one of the first projects that we have undertook as a company. In previous decades, people used to go to outdoor cinemas and watch films from their cars. The sound was transmitted to each radio over an FM signal.

It is rather difficult to showcase a film on a large outdoor screen due to weather conditions, especially when strong winds is present. It may be dangerous to use outdoor conference screens because the wind can break the equipment and harm the spectators.

Our display in the Autokinas F1 outdoor cinema was included into the Lithuanian Book of Records as the largest outdoor display, which perfectly exemplifies our capabilities to calculate wind force and to install a display accordingly. For example, our biggest outdoor cinema display, the Airscreen 10m × 20m, can withstand 20 tonnes of wind load in 10m/s wind.

It has been ten years that we have been cooperating with Airscreen, the company specialising in the manufacture of outdoor displays. The assortment of Airscreen displays will satisfy all outdoor cinema needs. The largest display from Airscreen is 12.5m × 30.0m, which is as big as a 4 story building. Their smallest displays are 1.7 × 3.0m. These can be used as a film screen in your homestead.
Contact us or visit for more information on Airscreen displays.

Apart from the the display, you will also need a projector and an audio system, which we can help you with as well. If you are planning an outside cinema project, we can help you with the necessary calculations, technical drawings of the area, the planning of the layout of the equipment and with other fine details.

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