Video projection is one of the most popular media for conveying information and scenography in the field of public and private events. As projection technologies go forward, their capacity, resolution, colour quality, connectivity, and software capabilities advance accordingly.

We offer the newest generation projectors, which can be interconnected and controlled from a distance. We also offer video correction solutions, such as edge blending and warping, which are a must when implementing large-scale projection projects.

Specialised video servers help to connect up to several tens of projectors and to unite them all into a single gigantic image on a building wall. Changeable lenses allow the user to change the projection distance and to form an inverted projection.

We offer projectors that boast power capacities ranging from 1,500 to 40,000ANSI lumen, rendering anything from XGA up to WUXGA resolutions, and containing LCD, 1-chip or 3-chip DLP technologies.

For example, in the anniversary ceremony of MG Baltic, we have installed 4 especially powerful DLP projectors, which were interconnected using the aforementioned functions to form a single large image. Xenon light technologies are used in contemporary cinema projectors, which are capable of producing extremely natural colours (rendered colour is what determines the quality of projectors).

The largest ever project that we have implemented is also one of the largest projects of its kind in Lithuania: a projection area of 845m² with a luminous flux of 80,000 ANSI lumen.

We have been in operation within the public and private event market ever since 2001 and we have been using projectors each day in a myriad of events and projects. The manufacturers of projection technologies that we have chosen to work closely with were the ones that dedicated most of their attention to ensuring quality and reliability. These include Christie, Panasonic, and Barco. This is the equipment that we are using today and have been using in most of our projects. So, if you wish to learn more about the implementation of projections, do not hesitate to contact us!

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