LED, or light emitting diode, displays are one of the most important elements of any sporting event or concert. However, it can also serve as a great means of conveying information, which is why they are becoming very popular in office spaces, hotels, and stores. LED installations help to not only draw the attention of spectators or consumers, but is also an appealing option as an energy-saving and long-lasting piece of technology.

We offer a wide assortment of LED displays, which are available for rent as well as for purchase. We possess ten years of experience in the field of LED displays, so customised LED display installations are right down our alley. Direct cooperation with manufacturers allows us to adapt LED technologies to indoor or outdoor spaces that vary in shape and size. Close cooperation also allows us to form unconventional shapes and ensures creative freedom for the customer.

The SpectrumPro LED displays that we offer are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor installation and come with an extremely high pixel pitch – anything from P0.8! Aluminium alloy casing and precision connection junctions enable us to create seamless visuals. It is significantly easier to perform maintenance on these displays as the they can be serviced from the front as well as from the back.

In 2005, we were one of the first companies in Lithuania to start using LED displays in public and private events. By renting the equipment out, we have gained a considerable amount of expertise because our specialists often find themselves in situations, where they have to push the limits of the equipment and to sometimes go beyond them.

The biggest LED display project that we have implemented was a 172-metre long P10 LED banner in the Siemens arena in 2013. This LED banner is the most modern solution of this type in all of the Baltic States. It is an interactive display screen, designed for broadcasting advertisements as well as visual effects during concerts.

The Siemens LED banner can broadcast 9 additional scoreboards and show detailed match statistics, such as the player’s scored points, fouls, and other information. The banner can also broadcast animated chants, slogans, and to imitate a crowd wave. Interactive animations indicate the level of noise (in dB) and the display keeps a record of the loudest chants. Specialised software allows the LED display to produce 17K resolution video clips!

The total weight of the banner amounted to 4 tonnes. It was mounted on a U-shaped balcony. The success of mounting this banner was possible because of a special sliding mounting system, which allows the modules of the LED banner to be adjusted in all directions. This system ensured straight and seamless visuals, even in a curved LED banner.

To ensure the reliability of the banner, a back-up fibre connection and additional processors were installed. If the video signal is lost, it is no problem to immediately switch to the back-up system. The LED matrices are attached to special magnets, which allows easy replacement – no tools or disassembly required. All security systems facilitate and speed up LED banner maintenance.

The Siemens arena is not the only location that utilises the SpectrumPro LED displays. The Saulės miestas shopping centre in Šiauliai, the Lazdijai City Municipality, and the Panevėžys Ekranas Football Club also have these displays.

At the moment, we are implementing a very large-scale LED project: a concert arena in Georgia is planned to have a 330m² P6.9 SpectrumPro LED display installed in it.

If you wish to know more about the possibilities of LED displays and to choose the right solution, contact us! We are always ready to help!

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